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Personality of Anne Boleyn

A Renaissance woman who loved the New Learning and Arts
A highly intelligent woman who could hold her own in debates with her husband, Henry VIII
A woman of style – Her “Frenchness” made her stand out at the English court
A woman who was not a classical beauty or English rose, but someone who had sexual magnetism and made people’s heads turn
A passionate reformer – Someone who was interested in religious reform and the ideas coming from the continent and who hated the superstition that seemed to have taken root in the Church
A woman of faith – It is clear that Anne had a true personal faith
A hot-tempered and outspoken woman
A charitable woman who was concerned about poverty and education
An ambitious woman who loved the limelight
A woman ahead of her time
A loving mother who wanted her daughter close by her and to see her as often as she could
A stubborn woman – Her role of “Perseverance” was spot on
A woman who was not afraid to upset people and make enemies
A feisty woman who was not afraid to take risks and who lived life to the fullRead more:

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